Exhibitions — 5 Min reading

Individual exhibition of Krzysztof Kosowski in Estepona

Exhibitions — 5 Min reading

Exhibition of Krzysztof Kosowski VDMFK in Estepona

On November 15, 2019 the exhibition of the Polish artist based in Estepona – Krzysztof Kosowski was inaugurated. The mayor of the city José María García Urbano presided over the opening ceremony of this exhibition together with the Councilor of Historical Heritage – Daniel García. During the exhibition we were able to see more than 20 paintings of the artist painted with the mouth and foot. In addition to the exhibition, the artist gave a demonstration of his painting.

Fotógrafo: Joaquín Cánovas Merlos

Date: from 15 to 29 November 2019

Collaboration: Ayuntamiento de Estepona

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